When patients are looking to purchase a topical treatment for haemorrhoids one of the most important things on their mind is finding a treatment that works fast and gives rapid relief, and causes the least embarrassment when choosing, indeed research shows these are the key factors that drive the customer. 

It will focus on patients, those people you meet every day. As a pharmacy you are positioned well to take ownership of this key OTC category and give your customers the best in patient care when choosing the right treatment for haemorrhoids.

Remember your patients rely on you for meaningful advice something they cannot gain outside of pharmacy when shopping for OTC brands – we want to make you confident to help them and this module will take you there.

The role you play

As a pharmacist, you have opportunities every day to interface with your patients and provide informed advice and choice - the opportunity to make a difference. Not every time will a patient ask for advice - they may spend time choosing a product a signal that they are unsure or is it the “right product for me or a member of the family” – this is your opportunity to intervene.

The importance of choosing the right haemorrhoid treatment.

Firstly what are the symptoms the patient is suffering, is this a recurring problem or something experienced for the first time, what are the underlying causes of the problem, are there additional symptoms such as bleeding or intense pain. Are they purchasing for another member of the family.

Once all the above are established then giving the informed advice will make the choice both better and easier in treating Haemorrhoids.

Anyone can find themselves with Haemorrhoids, with almost 50% of us suffering from this condition at some point in our lives. It is therefore important to get the right advice and treatment in an environment that causes the least concerns – pharmacy.

So what are Haemorrhoids – more commonly known as “Piles”. Haemorrhoids (Piles) are a swelling of the blood vessels that form in the lining of the anus, in and around the lower rectum. Haemorrhoids can develop for no apparent reason, however the most likely cause is pressure that often builds in and around the anus. There are three types of haemorrhoid – internal haemorrhoids, prolapsed haemorrhoids and external haemorrhoids.

The main causes of haemorrhoids are (although the exact cause is not clear), however the causes that seem to be the most likely are the following reasons;


The passing of large stools (faeces), and straining on the toilet.


Haemorrhoids (Piles) are very common during pregnancy, this is probably down to the pressure effects of the baby lying above the rectum and the anus.


The tissues in the lining of the anus may become less supportive as we get older.

Hereditary factors

Some people may inherit a weakness in the wall of the veins in the anal region.

Dietary issues

A poor diet where not enough fibre is taken is a major cause of constipation which leads to haemorrhoids.


The ‘need to know’ about Haemorrhoid intervention.

Haemorrhoids are a common problem that can affect all of us in our daily life, often embarrassing and worrying. When a patient presents themselves in pharmacy with the common symptoms of itching and burning or pain when going to the toilet, then the outcome desired is a fast acting treatment that will relieve the symptoms and alleviate the discomfort.

Should a patient present themselves with symptoms other than itching, burning or pain when passing stools (Faeces) going to the toilet, such as blood loss then directing to the GP is always a safe option as there may be underlying causes that will require further investigation.

Pharmacy is the surrounding that can provide clear and supportive clinical advice and relieve the embarrassment of this common complaint.

Patients trust the advice of pharmacy and the knowledge of symptoms and problems when presented at the counter.


The treatment of Haemorrhoids is an important category within pharmacy and providing advice and support where you have the opportunity to gain ground over your grocery competitors. With Hemocane you have a well proven and trusted brand that can only be purchased through you, making every sale a pharmacy sale.


How do you engage with your patients on the subject of haemorrhoids?

This is not an area that your average patient will want to talk openly about in the pharmacy, as it is in most cases of acute embarrassment and an area where a fast purchase with minimum fuss is desired, however as you are aware underlying causes could be the reason why the customer believes it is haemorrhoids, but could be more, which makes it an even more important area of intervention. Pharmacy can provide a consulting area making it a more relaxed environment to openly discuss the symptoms.

Simple techniques are using both “open” and “closed” questions. Using a closed question will get you a brief and mostly specific response, “have you suffered from haemorrhoids before”. This type of question will always limit the response and the conversation.

By using an open question such as “what symptoms are you experiencing” will provide a more detailed response and allow you to engage fully with the customer, or a simple “are the symptoms more than itching and burning”, this will often give a response of “why do you ask”, you now have engaged with the patient. Let the consultation and sale commence.

Both questions have their place in starting the process, but open will give you a deeper insight.


So where does Hemocane sit in the Haemorrhoid category.

Hemocane is not a new product to pharmacy, but one that has previously been ignored in media support. Boston Healthcare recognised the importance of this product and the need for “newer brands” to be introduced.





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